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Invasion Site

The Description...

Invasion Site is a mod for Crytek's Crysis.This mod does not have a release date yet it is TBD (To Be Decided).

The Story...
Do you think Alcatraz did everything,no... Bullet is the star of the show on this game/mod. In the year 2020 after the Doc's fellow coworker Gould left he decided to do the same. When he left he took one of the remaining nano suit 1's out of display for his own uses. In that year he worked with Gould and Prophet. Gould was able to get a marine to help the Doc by wearing the nano suit and helping him set up a base at The Rockefeller University Hospital in Upper Manhattan... Bullet. A few years latter in 2023 New York City has gone to hell.While Alcatraz is still in a Sub heading down the Hudson. Bullet is up in the skies heading toward the University.

The Developers...
project leader: Tufst1.1
Mappers: Tufst1.1, and masterworm2
3D Modelers:Boost77,hololand, and xitost
Voice Actors: Isaakwells,Tufst1.1, and xitost.

City Assault Building Set-jlim
A lot of models to create anice city rpair shop environment- ---___db___---
20 Buildings and a handfull of extras-Bejmo
Firetruck and police car I found in 3d warehouse-Sava
A new driveable Audi, works with AI-ZlorPH
Driveable truck-baassbooster
Air-condition (rooftop)-Jaco_EBarrier-Mr.H0n$3LCity
Props from the City Assault map-jlimoak trees-chicken2
New civilian characters-Fixers2010
Blackhawk-Wreckage dev team

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